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Civil Engineering

Our Civil Engineering laboratory at Dammam , Saudi Arabia, cover wide range of
mechanical, physical and chemical testing of soil, aggregate, concrete, rock,
cement, asphalt, blocks, marble, tiles, water and other construction materials. The
lab provides a laboratory testing support to our Geotechnical Engineering
department. Our Civil Lab services may include: testing and investigation of
building and road construction materials; laboratory and field characterization of
soils and rocks; compliance of aggregate and cement with standards; design
concrete mixes to specific requirements; testing of control samples for tensile and
compressive strengths; testing existing material using cores and non-destructive
tests; low and high strain dynamic pile testing, concrete durability tests such as
chloride migration and rapid chloride permeability, etc

Construction Material Tests:

✔Concrete / Cement / Aggregate/ Soil/ Rock/ Asphalt

✔Sampling of fresh concrete, soil, aggregate, rock, cement, water & asphalt

✔Testing of concrete repair by pull off test.

✔Moisture content by speedy moisture, oven dry & Nuclear gauge

✔Concrete durability tests, water absorption, Water penetration under pressure, initial surface absorption, rapid chloride permeability, chloride Migration coefficient

✔Particle size distribution by wet/dry sieve analysis

✔Chloride & sulphate content in soil, aggregate, concrete & water

✔Particle size distribution by hydrometer analysis

✔Cover meter survey

✔In-situ density test by sand replacement & nuclear gauge

✔Concrete investigation, extension of chemical attack on existing concrete structures. Load test on existing structure, half cell potential survey.

✔California bearing ratio (field & lab)Verification of concrete / asphalt batching plant

✔Verification of concrete / asphalt batching plant

✔Cement testing physical & chemical testing

✔Aggregate resistance to abrasion & impact in Los angels machine

✔Concrete & asphalt mix design & laboratory trial mix

✔Flakiness & Elongation, crushed face analysis, flat and elongated pieces in aggregate

✔Establishing and running temporary third party site laboratories

✔Relative density & water absorption of aggregate & rock samples.

✔Asphalt testing, core density & asphalt field compaction, marshal density, stability & flow, maximum theoretical density, voids in marshal & field sample, voids filed with asphalt.

✔Light weight pieces, shell content, clay lumps & friable particles in aggregate sample

✔Soil – shrinkage limit, plastic limit, liquid limit and plasticity index

✔Loss on ignition

✔Soil shear strength parameters by using direct shear test

✔Rock grading and weight classification, breakage Index, L/D ratio

✔Water permeability of granular soil & clays /silt

✔Rock resistance to weathering

✔IFresh concrete testing

✔Point load index

✔Aggregate drying shrinkage, potential alkali reactivity & petro graphic analysis

✔Slake durability index

✔Bulk Density of Light Weight Aggregate

✔Water absorption of concrete blocks, kerbs, channels & flags

✔Differential temperature monitoring of mass concrete by using thermocouples.

✔Compressive strength of concrete cube, cylindrical specimens, precast blocks & tiles.

✔Unconfined compressive strength of rock & soil

✔Obtaining & testing of drilled concrete core

✔Free swell of soil

✔Initial & Final setting time of concrete

✔Non destructive testing on hardened concrete by Ultrasonic pulse velocity,